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Local Chefs and Foodies Support Soup Sisters

Our volunteer Chefs know that the best cooks are people that give. "You can taste it in the food," says Chef Michael Allemier.

If you are looking for a great soup recipe you will find it from of our guest Chef facilitators featured in the Soup Sisters Cookbook.

Chef Michael Allemier, Sait Instructor

Chef Andrew Richardson, Blink Restaurant

Rogelio Herrara, Head Chef Alloy Restaurant, Candela

Dee Hobsbawn-Smith, Chef, writer, cookbook author

Julie Van Rosendaal, One Smart Cookie Inc.

Nicole Gomes, Nicole Gourmet Ltd.

Shawn Greenwood, Executive Chef Taste

Pierre Lamielle, Author of the award winning Kitchenscraps

Patrick Dunn, InterCourse Chef Services

Robert Stewart, Executive Chef Sunterra

Shefali Somani, Chef's Fiery Kitchen

Darren Nixon, Divine

Kevin Kent, Knifewear

Jonah Joffe, Candela

Kimi Nakamura, Nanatari Ltd.

Dallas Suttie, Group933 Hospitality

Karl Jarrett, Spade to Blade

Darnell Japp, Avec Bisto

Calgary Soup Sisters

The Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter was the first shelter in Western Canada for women fleeing family violence and abuse, and also the first shelter recipient of Soup Sisters in Canada. Through their leadership and support emerged our template for supporting shelters country wide and the appreciation for the value that a bowl of soup has to quietly contributing to the success of thousands of Calgarians on their journeys towards lives free of family violence. The Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter is one of the largest organizations in Canada for women, children, youth and men hurt by family violence.

Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers charges a participation fee of $65 per person to cover the expenses of ingredients for soup, the venue, equipment, a chef or professional facilitator, and charitable operations. This ensures that the finest ingredients possible are used every time for the soups we provide to women, children and youth. Events are social evenings with lively conversation, chopping, laughter and warm kitchen camaraderie that culminate in a simple, sit-down supper of soup, salad, bread and wine for all participants. Each event produces approximately 150-250 servings of fresh soup that sustains your local shelter with nourishing and nurturing soup each month.

Private corporate team-building events are $95 per person and a partial tax receipt is provided upon request.

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The inaugural Soup Sisters Launch- March 2009

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First batch of soup for youth at The Doorway

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The Doorway assists teens and young adults from the ages of 16-24 who have made the choice to transition from street culture into mainstream society. We offer delicious soup as a simple gift to nurture and nourish, warm and help fill the empty spaces in their lives, both physically and emotionally. It is our hope that the availability of a nurturing, fulfilling bowl of soup made by caring adults from their city will assist these deserving young people on the path toward believing in themselves and imagining new possibilities for their future.

30 men making soup for The Doorway

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Warming hearts... one bowl at a time

Soup Sisters is an innovative social marketing and community building program that is 100% volunteer driven and creates opportunity to dialogue with thousands of new people to raise awareness about family violence.

Groups across the country have been able to transform their contributions into a meaningful experience and a tangible way to give at our soup making events.

Pre-Covid 19 Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers operated over 40 events in 27 cities across Canada and the US every month. Thousands of community people have come together nationwide to provide nurturing and nourishing soups for women, children and youth in crisis.

Since March 2009, Soup Sisters has provided over 3 million servings of soup to communities in need across Canada and the US.

Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers is a registered not-for-profit organization and donations are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.

Charitable Business Number: 82827 6915 RR 0001.