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Access Nutritious Soups with Our Innovative Soup Bank

The Soup Sisters Soup Bank is the social enterprise component of the Soup Sisters’ operations. The agencies and schools who receive our delicious, ready-to-eat, heat-and-serve soup consistently express how we positively impact their clients' and students’ physical and mental well-being through affordable quality food.

“ can’t make it for the price we can buy it at (from the Soup Sisters Soup Bank). The cost to buy all the ingredients, when prices are going up all the time, the time to prepare, it all adds up.”


Mustard Seed Calgary

“I love Soup Day! I like them all but hamburger soup is my favourite, and my friends like corn chowder. It tastes really good!”


Aspen Heights Elementary School student

  • Why a Soup Bank
    The Soup Bank was a necessary pivot from community soup-making events to commercial production because of the pandemic. Clients still had food needs and the Soup Bank model was able to meet the need safely.
  • How does a Soup Bank work?
    Quality, nutritious soup is produced in large volumes in an accredited facility, packaged in family-size 4 lb bags, and flash-frozen so it is ready to heat and serve. The national scale is possible because of the generosity of Lineage Logistics (formerly VersaCold) which delivers these soups at low to no cost to agencies’ cities nationwide.
  • Who can access the Soup Bank?
    The Soup Bank is available to any Canadian frontline organization, big or small, looking for a way to reduce costs while still providing quality, nutritious food to its clients.
  • What flavours are available?
    There are seven varieties that are produced at different months: - Chicken Noodle (link to the nutritional panel on each one?) - Corn Chowder - Potato Leek - Hamburger - Mushroom Barley - Minestrone - Chili All Soup Sisters soup is produced in a HACCP Accredited Facility and is CIFA Certified.
  • How long does the soup last?
    Unopened, soup has a 1-year freeze life Defrosted and unopened soup should be consumed within 14 days Opened, it is recommended to use within 5 days
  • How much soup is in a case?
    1 bag = 320 ounces = 32 servings (based on 10 oz serving size) I case = 5 bags
  • How much does it cost?
    Our cost-recovery prices are:
  • Do I have to buy large volumes of soup?
    All orders are by the case, and you are only required to order at least 2 cases.
  • How can I order!
    It’s easy! Email: Orders must be received by the first day of the month before the desired shipping date. (for example: order your soup by May 1 for June 15 shipping) Your soup is delivered monthly. (Subject to change depending on order size)


Our ready-made soups eliminate food waste for your organization.


Soup Sisters soup is produced economically in large kettles, each yielding 2600 lbs of soup.


The generosity of Lineage Logistics allows us to deliver at a low cost nationwide.


The soup has been formulated with low sodium and fresh ingredients for optimum nutrition.  


Packaged in family-size 4 lb bags, soup is flash frozen, ready to heat and serve.


Our recipes are specifically developed with the support of food scientists and Chef Michael Allemeier CMC, one of three Certified Master Chefs in Canada.

200,000+ lbs or half a million servings to 40 agencies since 2020

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