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Soup it Forward
Taste What You Give 

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When you serve a bowl of Soup Sisters,

we will deliver the same

"Hug in a Bowl" to someone in need.

Profit meets purpose: The Soup Sisters cause brand includes a new and exciting opportunity for foodservice to support their communities.

Serving our soup can help restaurants realize profit three ways:

First, our chef-crafted soup is flash frozen and delivered nationwide by our in-kind partner, VersaCold Logistics Services. It arrives ready to heat and serve, which reduces restaurant labour and food waste. 

Second, the Soup Sisters story and service record are established across Canada.  Restaurant partners will benefit from that success.

Third, the soup not only supports people in need,  it’s scalable and it’s delicious.  A partnership with Soup Sisters supports our mission to impact food insecurity.


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The soups go straight from production to your restaurant. 

Restaurants and foodservice partners can serve our soup, keep their profit margin and know that Soup Sisters’ profits are used to produce more soup to give back to the people we serve.  




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