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Sodexo's Stop Hunger Foundation partners with Soup Sisters

to deliver wholesome soup for their front-line workers and families.

Given Sodexo's global initiative to "stop hunger," It was a natural fit to collaborate with Soup Sisters to deliver delicious and nutritional soup to Sodexo Healthcare front line teams supporting patient and resident care. Thank you for all you do! In addition to each delivery Sodexo accepts, Soup Sisters provides an equal donation to those most in need throughout the country. A big cheer for Soup Sisters 👏 Souper Proud!

Brian Kimmett
Senior Vice President Healthcare
Sodexo Canada

The message that is delivered with every nourishing and nurturing bowl of soup is one of gratitude and appreciation for Sodexo frontline workers.This soup will be shared with their own families and in turn also deliver #hugsinabowl to families in crisis nationwide. Soup Sisters is beyond grateful to Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation for demonstrating that tangible giving can provide comfort and well being around the table and around the world.

Sharon Hapton
Soup Sisters Founder & CEO

Soup Sisters is a national non profit organization that launched in Calgary in 2009 with a mission to support women and children fleeing domestic violence, and youth in crisis. Since that time the organization grew to holding community soup-making events in 25 cities nationwide and delivered nurturing and nourishing 'Hugs in a Bowl' to over 2.5 million people.

The soup that was made at each event was then donated locally to families in crisis. But due to the pandemic and physical distancing measures, those events came to an abrupt stop in early March. Founder Sharon Hapton knew that "the soup must go on".

The organization was able to take swift action by switching to recipes previously developed for large kettle production with Kitchen Partners in Edmonton. Since the onset of Covid and with the support of Versa Cold refrigerated transportation, Soup Sisters now delivers 5,000 lbs of fresh soup each month to 40 charitable agencies country wide.

Their outreach now includes agencies ranging from: First Nations, domestic violence emergency shelters, youth programs and housing, transitional housing for drug addiction and mental health, homelessness, frontline workers and Food Banks.

Soup Sisters is proud to deliver heat and serve soup made with delicious ingredients while impacting increased food insecurity and the need for healthy nourishment, deliciousness, hope, and the knowledge that it was made with care.

Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers is operating over 30 events in 27 cities across Canada and the US every month. Hundreds of community people are coming together across the country each month to produce over 15,000 servings of home-made, nurturing and nourishing soups for women, children and youth in crisis.

Since March 2009, Soup Sisters has provided over 2 million servings of soup to more than 40 shelter recipients and there is a growing network of over 50,000 Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers participants nationwide.

Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers is a registered not-for-profit organization and donations are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.

Charitable Business Number: 82827 6915 RR 0001.