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In 2022, 18% of Canadians were food insecure. We all want to make a difference.

Your gift can help us keep the soup flowing for those who need it most.

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Soup Sisters is Canada’s

only soup bank.

Our mission is to nurture and nourish communities impacted by food insecurity with wholesome and delicious soup. 


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Your tax-deductible gift of cash or securities will help us fill Canada’s hunger gap, one hug in a bowl at a time.

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Help us keep the soup flowing through MISO - Money In Soup Out

Everything Starts with Proper Nourishment.

      Soup Sisters is committed to providing highly nourishing, well balanced meals that provide the support needed to thrive.
     Our delicious heat and serve soup reinforces the perspective that no matter the circumstance we all deserve high-quality food.
     We give to others the same way we give to our own, and it is our inherent belief that soup is the universal comfort food.
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Make your donation in honor of someone or thank a special person in your life. Tribute gifts are also a great way to celebrate important milestones, including birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries or bar/bat mitzvahs. 

We will send a personalized email card to the person or group that you are honoring to let them know that a thoughtful donation has been made in their name.
*please include their email in the note box at checkout

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