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Help us Nourish Communities with the Universal Comfort Food

Visibly shaking from more than the cold night’s air, you are handed a cup of soup. The steam rises to your cheeks and the smells transport you back to grandmother’s house. Your insides are warm now from the meal and this act of kindness. This is a hug-in-a-bowl. 

This scene is played out millions of times nationwide when businesses and donors unite to support Soup Sisters with their time, energy, and dollars. From low-income schools, first responders and evacuees to charities working with some of our communities' most vulnerable, Soup Sisters soups make everyone stop and say, “Thank you, this is the real deal.”

Help us nourish communities with the universal comfort food


Fuel bodies and minds at a low-income school.

Comfort a mother and her children in crisis. 

Nourish a teen living rough and ready to make a fresh start.

Start a conversation with an isolated senior.

Feed vulnerable citizens in the cold Canadian winter months at a warming shelter.

Send soup to evacuees, volunteers, and emergency service personnel during a flood, wildfire, or other disaster.

A Monthly Gift

For a little at $50, you are giving 40 servings of nutritious soup.

Tribute Gifts

Donate any amount in honour of anyone or occasion. We will send a personalized email card to the person or group that you are honouring to let them know that a thoughtful donation has been made in their name.

*Please include their email in the note box at checkout 

Gifts of Securities or Mutual Funds

Connect with us at to let us organize.

*If you want to find out how you can feed a school, or send a kettle of soup to a warming shelter, or a truckload to an emergency, contact us directly at

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