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Celebrate Soup Day: Nourish Lives with Every Bowl

Our support comes directly from generous community members like you!

There are many ways you can help us fulfill our mission of providing nutritional soup to vulnerable populations through agencies and shelters nationwide.  Support can range from hosting a soup-making event, setting a monthly gift, and corporate community investment to sharing soup on National Soup it Forward Day!

Help us nourish lives with your gift

Soup-making Events

Something magical happens when people gather to make soup, then give soup.


Soup Sisters Soup-making Events are at the core of how we started and what we do. It’s a tangible and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Take a look at how the soup-making events got started:  

How do YOU get started? Contact the city where you live, organize your group, then get cooking. You’ll make memories and nutritious soup for agencies in your community.


Please contact Sunterra directly to book


Please contact Sunterra directly to book


Please contact Sunterra directly to book


Please contact Nella Cucina directly to book


Please contact Winnipeg Soup Sisters directly to book


Please contact North West Culinary Academy directly to book


Please contact Relish Cooking Studio directly to book


Please contact Relish Cooking Studio directly to book


Please contact Healthy Italia directly to book

Taste What You Give


This is an exciting new initiative for corporations, conference centres and event planners to make an incredible difference in the communities you operate in.


When planning your menu for your next function, order and serve Soup Sisters soup! You will be supporting a charity’s social enterprise and feeding frontline agencies’ clients and students in low-income schools. Because for every bowl of Soup Sisters soup you serve, we will deliver a bowl to someone in need.


Have some and give some at your event, celebration, staff gathering, conference or company cafeteria. We can even have a soup truck come to your function!

Put Soup Sisters on your Menu

Restaurants can now support the community and give back in a meaningful way. Customers will enjoy the same delicious, quality soups that we make for agencies and schools. And they will also see your restaurant as caring about the community they live in, and the causes they care about. It’s profits with a purpose!


How do restaurants work with Soup Sisters?


The soups go straight from production to your restaurant. Our chef-crafted soup is flash-frozen and delivered nationwide with our partner Lineage Logistics. It arrives ready to heat and serve, reducing your labour and food waste.


Restaurants and food service partners can serve our soup, keep their profit margin, and know that Soup Sisters can continue our mission to impact food security. ​


Soup it Forward Day

At Soup Sisters, we ‘soup it forward’ with comforting hugs-in-a-bowl all year round. But every March 3rd we encourage everyone to make soup, share soup, and give soup on National Soup It Forward Day. 


Soup it Forward Day exemplifies our vision of spreading kindness one bowl at a time. Soup is the universal comfort food and has the power to change someone's day.


How can you participate in Soup Day?

  • Enjoy a bowl of soup on March 3

  • Take the universal comfort food to family, friends or someone you care about

  • Share your go-to soup on social media with the Soup Sisters community #HuginaBowl #SoupitForward


​Join us on this National Day of delivering warmth and kindness to friends, family, neighbours and anyone in need of a Hug-in-a-bowl. 

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