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National Soup it Forward Day is commemorated every year on March 3 to urge people to spread love and generosity with a bowl of soup. Since 2018, this day has been celebrated
across North America. 

At Soup Sisters we Soup it Forward with comforting #hugsinabowl all year round.


We believe that soup is the universal comfort food and has the power to change

someone's day.

Since the launch of Soup Sisters on March 3, 2009 in Calgary, we have delivered over 4 million servings of delicious soup nationwide. 


Join us on this National day of delivering warmth and kindness to friends, family, neighbours and anyone in need of a #huginabowl. 


The message is as important as the soup itself.

Pure solace on a cold winter day Chicken Soup is the proven remedy for a cold, sore throat, stomach ache and even a broken heart.

Click on the image below for a taste of Chicken Soup recipes from around the world..

Chicken soup recipes.jpg

Take a snap & use #SoupItForwardDay to share your favourite recipe

       #soupiforwardday          #hugsinabowl             #simplekindness

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