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Delivering 'Hugs in a Bowl'

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When the pandemic began, Soup Sisters realized the importance of adapting its delivery approach to provide assistance to communities facing food insecurity. As a result, Soup Sisters established the first Soup Bank in Canada.


Soup Sisters inherently believes that soup is the universal comfort food. Organizations that receive Soup Sisters delicious soup consistently express how much value a bowl of our soup brings to the mental and physical well being of their clients. "It puts a smile on their face."

Specially crafted with support from food scientists and a Certified Master Chef, our delicious soup has high nutritional value and is low sodium.This personalized approach ensures that each bowl of soup is served with intent. The current level of food insecurity has reached a critical peak, emphasizing the crucial importance of accessible and nutritious food. 

ZERO FOOD WASTE: Our ready made soups eliminate any food waste to your organization.

ECONOMICAL: Soup Sisters soup is produced economically in large kettles, each yielding 2600lbs of soup.

LOW COST DELIVERY: The generosity of Lineage Logistics allows us to deliver at a low cost nationwide.

NUTRITIONALThe soup has been formulated for optimum nutrition with low sodium and fresh ingredients. 

*See nutrition panels below.

CONVENIENT: Packaged in family-size 4 lb bags, it is flash frozen, ready to heat and serve.

DELICIOUSOur recipes are specifically developed with the support of food scientists and Chef Michael Allemeier CMC, one of three Certified Master Chefs in Canada.

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All Soup Sisters soup has a high pH. 

Unopened frozen Soup Sisters soup has a 1 year
freezer life.

Defrosted Soup Sisters soup should be
consumed within 14 days. 

All Soup Sisters soup is produced in a HACCP accredited facility, and is CFIA certified.

Unopened frozen Soup Sisters soup has a 1 year
freezer life.

Each 20 lb case contains 5X (4 lb) bags of flash
frozen soup (320 ounces) 1lb = 16 ounces.

Each individual bag measures approximately 9
inches by 12 inches.

Each case measures 6.75 inches x 9.75 inches
x 11.75 inches.

Once bag is opened, recommended consumption
is within 5 days.


Willow Place 


Heartfelt appreciation for your monthly delivery of 20 cases of family pack soups for our family violence shelter program. 

Manitoba shelters have been overwhelmed with increasing demands for support and increasing operational costs. Funding for those in the Family Violence Prevention Program has been stagnant for almost 20 years.

Your very kind and generous support with soup deliveries each month is beyond precious to us.

PRICING (per 20 lb case)

1-25 cases       $55.37       $2.77/lb 
26-50 cases     $52.04       $2.60/lb 
51+ cases        $47.88       $2.40/lb

PRODUCTION: Soup Sisters is currently produced bi-monthly.  

DELIVERY: Soup is delivered monthly. This is subject to change depending on order size.

ORDERING: Orders need to be received by the first day of the month prior to desired shipping date. (Order May 1 for June 15 shipping)

All orders are by case only with a required minimum of 2 cases.

Soup may only be used for client intended purposes. 

To order please email:

Soup Sisters strives to support community agencies with the basic need of healthy food.

Our Soup Bank provides delicious and nutritional soup produced intentionally for agencies supporting those in need. We are dedicated to positively impacting the growing food insecurity problem by producing quality soups for vulnerable members of our community.

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