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We Nourish Communities with the Universal Comfort Food

There is an affordability crisis in Canada, and food insecurity rates are higher than ever before.

In Canada, an affordability crisis has led to unprecedented levels of food insecurity, with 53% of Canadians concerned about feeding their families. As 8.7 million people face food insecurity, the strain on support agencies is immense, with staff burnout, declining volunteers, and decreasing donations.


Soup Sisters’ food assistance programs alleviate this burden by providing nutritious meals. This allows frontline agencies and schools to focus on essential services while ensuring clients and students receive wholesome food. It's a win-win solution for all involved.

“We know that one bowl of soup isn’t going to change these circumstances, but when someone who is reeling from a crisis receives a warm bowl of soup, we know the message of comfort, of that we are here for you and care, can make all the difference at the moment. Resiliency can kick in when minds are soothed, and bodies are nourished.”

Founder & CEO Sharon Hapton

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60 organizations nationwide received soup for their clients


5,000 lbs = 10,000 complete meals per month


100,000+ soup-making volunteers


400,000 volunteer hours


4 Million Hugs in a Bowl

In times of crisis, when everything feels uncertain and overwhelming, a simple bowl of soup can make all the difference.

Our soups are not just about filling stomachs; they provide comfort, warmth, and a moment of peace amidst chaos. Each bowl of soup is a symbol of compassion and community. Your donation isn't just a monetary contribution – it's a hug in a bowl, a tangible expression of care. We will be ready for communities facing emergencies, whether wildfires, floods, or other crises, because of everyone's generosity and strong desire to help. 

Mother and Daughter Love

“Heartfelt appreciation for your monthly delivery of 20 cases of family pack soups for our family violence shelter program. Manitoba shelters have been overwhelmed with increasing demands for support and increasing operational costs. Funding for those in the Family Violence Prevention Program has been stagnant for almost 20 years. Your very kind and generous support with soup deliveries each month is beyond precious to us.”

Willow Place, Winnipeg

Nourishing Students

Research has repeatedly proven that when students receive proper nutrition, they can focus and learn. Unfortunately, with food insecurity rates on the rise, many students are going to school hungry. School staff are working hard to ensure these young minds and bodies are fueled, and an easy heat-and-serve Soup Sisters Soup Day is one of the ways students receive quality, filling, and delicious meals. We strongly believe that no student should feel the stigma of receiving a free meal, and that’s why we feed the entire school!  

Social Services Are Doing More

The increased demand for social support has frontline agencies doing more, and this includes feeding people. However, the resources to make this happen are dwindling, from staff time to food purchases and donations. The Soup Sisters Soup Bank is on a mission to help make providing quality meals easier. Delivered flash-frozen at production, the easy heat-and-serve process means staff can spend less time in the kitchen and more time working with clients.  

Soup Sisters soup-making events
are at the core of how we started
and what we do. It’s a tangible and
rewarding experience for everyone
involved. Take a look at how we
got started.

Land Acknowledgement

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Soup Sisters operates and partners with organizations from coast to coast to coast, which are the lands of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis who have been and continue to be in a reciprocal relationship with the lands, waters, and all beings. This relationship has been embedded in gratitude and respect since time immemorial.


The national office of Soup Sisters is in Calgary on the traditional territories of the Blackfoot Confederacy (Siksika, Kainai, Piikani), the Tsuut’ina, the Iyaxe Nakoda Nations, the Metis Nation (Region 3) and all the people who make their homes in the Treaty 7 region of Southern Alberta.

Soup Sisters is committed to providing a nurturing and caring environment for all of our diverse populations. One that is conducive to demonstrating respect for, cultural diversity, with the objective of consistently providing the message “We see, you we care,” through our hugs in a bowl.  We are of the inherent belief that soup is the universal comfort food and everyone, regardless of their circumstance, deserves quality and nutritional food.

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