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Soup Sisters is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing highly nourishing, quality, well-balanced donations of soup to agencies and shelters Canada-wide. Whether it is a local soup-making event or orders from the Soup Bank, every year thousands of litres of soup are intentionally and cost-effectively created for front-line organizations supporting those in need.
Soup Sisters is a way to give back to the community by doing something tangible. 
Making, sharing and donating soup, we nourish communities with compassion and respect, making a lasting impact on those in need one bowl at a time.

Cook, connect and give back to the community with Soup Sisters!

Our hands-on soup-making events promise the ultimate team-building experience. Book now and join our growing list of Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers nationwide. Deliver a Hug in a Bowl!

We are Canada’s first Soup Bank.

Proudly serving communities nationwide.


The aftermath of the pandemic has given rise to large-scale challenges in the realms of food insecurity and the unequal access to proper nutrition. As a result, we have established a hybrid model that combines community soup-making events with a highly efficient Soup Bank, delivering thousands of pounds of soup to agencies across the nation while operating with a zero-food-waste ethos.

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4 million

Hugs in a Bowl


delivered since 2009

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Pounds of Soup

Soup Bank distributed

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 soup - makers

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to nurture and nourish communities impacted by food insecurity with wholesome and delicious soup. 



Willow Place 


Heartfelt appreciation for your monthly delivery of 20 cases of family pack soups for our family violence shelter program. 

Manitoba shelters have been overwhelmed with increasing demands for support and increasing operational costs. Funding for those in the Family Violence Prevention Program has been stagnant for almost 20 years.

Your very kind and generous support with soup deliveries each month is beyond precious to us.

Our Soup Bank is producing soup specifically and intentionally for agencies in need. We are dedicated to tackling the growing food insecurity problem by producing quality soups for vulnerable members of our community. 

Click here for more information and to find out how to receive our delicious soup.


If you are a non profit agency please contact us:

At Soup Sisters we strive to assist community

agencies as they direct resources into 

services supporting their mission.

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